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Our Mission

To deliver affordable, accessible, agile data analytics and data science to all organisations regardless of sector, size, turnover or experience


Our Story

The Knowledge Ladder is an agile start-up company offering data science and data analytics to firms, regardless of sector, size, turnover or prior experience.


The original concept started from academic research showing the proven value of data analytics to firms who are mature in that field and also highlighted that there are many sectors and organisations that are yet to embrace the data revolution for a wide range of reasons.

The Knowledge Ladder recognises that some firms will have no experience with data analytics and data science whilst others will already have an internal data team.

To those firms with no previous experience The Knowledge Ladder can offer guidance to managers and leaders and short, sharp engagements to quickly understand what business problems data and information can solve. These ideas can then be delivered in rapid, agile projects that use internal and external data to solve problems and drive business outcomes.


For organisations that already have a data team The Knowledge Ladder can offer surge capacity, dedicated contracts with fixed support hours per month or the addition of infrequent, unusual and high-expertise data tasks like compressing big data into smaller datasets for further analysis, development of predictive machine learning algorithms or joining and linking complex datasets.

The Knowledge Ladder stands out from the competition in its vision and mission to democratize data science and data analytics by making them affordable and accessible to firms and sectors who may have been over-looked in the data revolution.

All organisations will be using data somewhere within their business model and most will have problems and issues that can be addressed by improving and optimising the use of data through data science and data analytics.

Why not get in touch for a zero-commitment discussion about whether your organisation can start to leverage the clear benefits of the data revolution?

Making Data Science Affordable and Accessible

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